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To start off my run of Sims playing I decided to start with Bob and Betty Newbie since they are the tutorial house and their moods do not decay until you complete the tutorial.  The suggested cheat is to skill them to max in everything as soon as Betty is introduced to the house so this is what I did.

Bob and Betty spent their first two weeks alive skilling their little pixelated butts off.

Bob learning all of his Charisma skill

Betty exercising like she has never exercised before.

When running the tutorial, exercise and work are the only things that will reduce any of the Sims mood factors.

Betty learning logic while Bob paints.

It took Bob 14 days to complete all of his skills, it took Betty 16 days because she did not have any skills when she enter the lot where as Bob had four (two in two different skills).

I finally let the tutorial run its course.

Bob and Betty got jobs in the Paranormal career track because it was the first one to come up. I have decided that since they are now Super Sims and Sims in The Sims do not age, they will top every career and master all of the challenges in the Magic World before I move on to Sims that have mood decay when they are first loaded.

Hopefully you will not get bored of seeing Bob and Betty for so long because this will take a while.

This will hopefully have been the most boring of the Bob and Betty chapters since starting next time I play, they have to make friends, which means they have to leave their lot for something other than work.  Also, once they get through all of the normal careers they will be going through the Superstar and Makin' Magic things which should leads to lots of interesting problems since I am very bad at both of them.

Tomorrow I plan to post about The Sims 2 play I did on the 2nd day of this new year.
aaaaaah! you're playing ts1! people have totally forgotten about this game and that makes me a little sad. i would love to tell you about how much i love(d) this game and how often i used to play it, but that would bore you. instead i will pimp my simpage:
and tell you how pets for ts2 should've been a direct remake of unleashed because unleashed was far better.
Yes, I am playing The Sims and I like it. Bob and Betty will probably never have children because I hated the children in the game, but they will do everything else, possibly even own a pet or two (once they have loads of money and can hire a butler or get one of the skeleton maids).

I never uploaded anything to my own Sims page on The Sims site, but it can be found at the link below:


Maybe when I get into making my own Sims and building I will upload them.
I used the kids as free labor LOL and making friends for promotions!
Ok So I'm off to read this, because I want to take a little walk down memory lane.
the children do suck, but once you get mm, you can make a charm that ages them up. i also hate how the game doesn't recognize family relationships so once you do age a kid up, they can run off with a parent. i made a guy have a kid with his great-grandmother once. :/
the only good thing about ts1 being abandoned is that all the downloads for it on tsr are free.
Wow, I did not realize it did not maintain family relationships with grown up children, that is a little messed up, but then again, in The Sims 2, anything beyond grandparent is seen as an option.
Lovely trip down memory lane! :)
Thank you, we will have a good deal more provided they do not die of hunger or a pool accident.
I had long forgotten how the original Sims looked. Everytime I tried to picture it, I always ended up thinking of a more pixilated and camera restricting Sims 2. So nice to actually see the game for what it is once more.
Getting used to The Sims camera again took some time. There is no tab/cameraman mode that I am aware of. You can only view the lot on one of four angles. And there are only three zoom levels you can work with, whole lot, half lot, really close (sort of).