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I have been playing The Sims 3 on my mac laptop for the last few weeks because I find I can look at it longer than I can look at the PC computer monitor, and when you are measuring in minutes, doubling your time is a lot. But there seems to be a problem with one of the patches that was released for the mac because now when I play, after a while the hand tool becomes stuck, usually first in build mode, then in the Sim's personal inventory and this makes the game unplayable so I have had to go back to my PC if I want to play with World Adventures as well and have any downloaded content. The benefit of this is I hopefully will also get back to playing The Sims 2 and start work on my The Sims project I had previously mentioned. I have made a schedule for play and posting Sims related things that will hopefully have me posting more regularly again.

In non-Sim news, the move was completed on the 15th of December. It then took a full week to get the internet working here; I will be nice and not mention who the provider is, but Kevin is really upset with them. In the process of getting our internet working, they took out the call box at the security gate so our landlord is having us call them since it was when they were working on our internet. We have called and they said they sent someone, but no one has ever showed. Aside from all of the internet drama, the house itself is really nice and we have most everything is put away and organized minus a few things in the guest bedroom/computer room that I am just not sure where they should go so we can find them again. But things are more well organized here than they were in our previous home so that is a plus. Edmon (our gray cat) has already settled in and loves that he can now get on the kitchen counters (he is missing a hind leg so he cannot jump as high as a cat with 2 hind legs) through climbing onto the dining table and then walking over the pass through in the kitchen. Alex (our black cat) is still scared out of his mind, but only during daylight hours, at night he is his usual self and spends the whole night checking everything out. He was a bit of a night owl at the old place so it may not be a bad as we think it is, but he did used to come down for lunch during the day at the old place and he will not do that here so once that happens we will know he has finally settled.

I am now on the second week of my sinus infection; right now I do more hacking cough than sneezing and it is making Kevin worried, but I keep telling him, the cough takes a while to go away. At least now I feel able to get out of bed for more than a couple hours a day so I can help with the organizing a little. The migraines are still a problem, although when I have a sinus infection they don't seem to come as frequently (not sure why but I will not knock that small blessing). We are hoping that being in a lower pollution environment will help make them go away, but since it took several months of being in the old place before they started, it may take several months to know if that was the cause and for them to go away here.

Well, I have just about maxed my computer time for now and I need a break (and lunch).
Interesting that you find you can view your mac for longer, I wonder why that is.

Sucks that you are still stuck with that sinus infection, I hope you'll get over it quickly.
I got over my latest cold a week ago but I still have a very annoying dry cough. The cough always seems to be the last to leave.
Kevin thinks the mac laptop has an anti-glare coating on it, I just know it looks different from the pc monitor.

I keep telling Kevin the cough is always the last thing to go, then I had an explosive hacking cough at 1 am and he nearly freaked out because it lasted over an hour. Feeling a bit better today, but my cough always seems to get worse as the day draws to a close.