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I had originally planned to start the Sims posting with Something different but when I got to the game I couldn't think of anything. Then I decided to do what I had originally set out to do with The Sims 3 when I first got it, and that was get Erik Darling to be resurrected. Unfortunately it appears that this is not an option in the game as I made sure every phone call was answered but I never got the option. Then I found out unresurrected ghost could woohoo with live Sims so the below was played out.

Most player hate Mrs. Crumplebottom; she is mean and her purse really hurts. But there is a reason she is so cranky and in The Sims 3 we finally find out the whole story (sort of). It seems Erik died right after their wedding and she was never able to take his last name as a result. When I loaded the house I noticed that there was a nursery already started in it so I decided she must have a baby.

After a while I realized I wasn't going to be able to bring Erik back I searched the web and found out you could have a living sim and a ghost woohoo and there was no mention of them having to be resurrected.

As soon as Erik started walking in the night I had Mrs. Crumplebottom get to know him (death seems to have wiped their relationship) and by the end of the first night he was marked as her boyfriend.

The second night I managed to get them into bed together and fortunately they conceived on the first try.

I am not sure if he was happy or not but he did love her.

I was so happy, my first ghost baby. Since I wasn't sure if it would be a ghost or not (there is a chance it will not be) I asked Kevin what I should name him and he said Casper; since it made me laugh for five minutes with the game waiting for the name I decided to go with that.

He was only an infant for 2 days (bless you Sims 3 for being able to age someone up whenever you want).

She really does love her son and I think he makes her really happy.

In the background you can see she is painting a picture of his father.

He was a toddler until he learned all of his skills and maxed all of the building skills he could until aging up.

I have not decided how long he will be a child for, I am not sure how much I going to play the house after this. I have been thinking that I would try and get Mrs. Crumplebottom to make the Ambrosia and have Casper eat it so he can be a living child but that will take a while to do considering how many skills are required to be able to make the dish.

Since there are other things I would also like to accomplish in The Sims 3 and other Sims games before working on that project it may be a while, but I don't plan to delete the neighborhood I played this in so I can always come back to it.
Hey, good to see you here again.
Ghost babies are just brilliant, really, they are a major plus for the sims3 in my book.
Of course he had to be named Casper :D which means, I take it, he is Casper Crumplebottom. Cool name.
I think it's so sweet that you made old 'Butt's life good again; whenever I get to play sims3 she will be one of the first sims I will seek out. Her and they Goths.
As soon as I had heard how her husband died right after they were married and that you could bring back ghosts, I new I had to try.

Since I couldn't give her Erik Darling in the flesh I was glad I was able to give her his child. She does seem a much happier person now.