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Part two of the Fifth Rotation and we will cover three houses this time because none of them had a lot of photos.


A family that loves me and I love them.

Uranus got promoted to Starter.

This family will be moving on Rotation Seven and if things keep going the way they have, they may get a bigger upgrade than initially planned.

Christy nearly died several times during her pregnancy so I was happy when she finally went into labor. That is also way there are no other pictures of her pregnancy, the whole thing was spent just trying to keep her alive.

Welcome to the world, William Stuart. I was trying to figure out how I was going to name these children since I gave Uranus the name of the planet that rules Aquarius, so I named William after the man who discovered Uranus, Sir William Herschel. It is just a good thing they didn't have a girl.

William, you should never want for anything, because you have two Family Sim parents. The only time you will spend in your crib is when they are sleeping, or both at work.

Because Christy's pregnancy was so rough and she was now very platinum, I went ahead and got her one of these. She may be using it a lot though because it seems that he mood sliders do not know that she is no longer pregnant because they are still falling rapidly.

William has Black hair like his father and blue eyes like his mom. I can't wait to see what he looks like when he grows up.

Uranus is the perfect husband, he rolled the want to do this.

Sleep well you two...

... What was not shown was that Christy got the best chance card from work and got a $50,000 bonus. I love this family so much!


Now we have Mr. McCreepy also known as Taurus Yasadhara. I think he is still trying to punish me. I do not have any hacks and the person he most wants in the world is Michelle Kearney, a teen. All of the wants in his want panel when I loaded the house, revolved around her. So I sent them to Grabbe InnaGoe.

I like to imagine this is him confessing his crush on her. Whatever it is, she actually left the lot immediately after this so he just wandered around, ate some burnt hot dogs, and then went home.

He did manage to meet Melissa Fancey while he was there so I tried to knock the Michelle out of his want panel by having him chat Melissa up for a while. It didn't work.

Oh my goodness, Meadow, run, you do not want to be in this Sims presences. Maybe if I pretend they are 18, that is still a teen, but legal in this state, no, I would still find it creepy because they don't look 18 to me.

I have a problem with McCreepy here, he is Romance so I didn't intend for him to get married (just figured he would grow old and die, he might adopt a child at some point just to keep the house going after he dies). The only Sim he has any wants for is Michelle and she is a teen. I now need to figure out if there is a way to age her up to adult, without loosing NPC status. Or do I just have him move her in and age her up then and say screw it, he is one of those rare Romance Sims that actually makes good husbands (I have seem some in albums before so I know it is possible.)


Last but not least this rotation is Virgo Ovid, the Sim you saw way back in the Davis house who got himself stuck at the table; glad to see he got himself out. He has moved into the old Davis home so it was kind of appropriate that he visited their new home; things to aspire to!

Since the Davis family moved, there was nothing in the house and the only thing he rolled a want for, double bed. He didn't even want a fridge.

So I tried to give him a fairly nice home and I think I did a decent job.

Virgo Ovid is a Virgo Romance Sim, yes, another one, but will this one also be a teen stalker? ...

... No, he picked Melissa Fancey has his first target, I am now wondering which Romance Sim will win her heart first, I mean, she is a Romance Sim so it is not like she is going to care I am using her like this.

He found is predetermined job in Medicine which had been selected for him because he is a Vigro.

Then rolled the want for Charisma points until he had four of them.

Unlike Taurus, Virgo did actually make it to work his first day.

(Note to self, do not photograph things that will be white at the bottom of the picture!)

I then had him Invite Melissa over to see what we could get going there.

Mutual crush by the end of the by. Way to go Virgo!

I will be away from playing The Sims 2 and 3 for a little while; Kevin got me My Sims Agent for the Wii and I am OCD person when I play a My Sims game, I must finish it before I will do anything else.  It probably won't be for long, Kevin figures I will be done with the by the end of the week, I think it will take longer than that because I have no idea how long the game is.  I am also working on setting up something else that I will be posting about but you will just have to wait to find out what that is.  Just wanted to put this up here so if the blog isn't active for a couple of weeks to a month, no one worries.

(Comment for both rotation 5 entries)

Ah, I never knew that Will Wright neighborhood statue was able to give blessings; must try that some day. :D
And good to hear you are still keeping your Blossoming Hearts legacy in mind, I look forward to see more from it when the time is ripe.

It would be so cute if you were to pair up Marsha and Orlando, but then you'd have to have a family adopt Orlando, now, before Marsha gets too much older than him.

Aww, Kaylynn is finally going to have her baby.

Uranus and Christy are just wonderful, great when the sims just get on well from the word go. I can see why you love them so much. Little >squeee< for William. <3

lol at Mr. McCreepy; first Michelle and then Meadow. Sure he is creepy, but very entertaining. :D

Virgo seems like a very easy Romance sim, but it's true; some Romance sims can live quite happily in matrimony and I can see him being one of them.

I actually like that bottom-less pic, it looks quite arty you know. ;)

Have fun with the Mysims Wii game. You could make a post to tell us what the game is like, I'm curious.
Kevin won, I finished MySims Agent before the week was out. It caused a few headaches but was a lot of fun. It is a short game (12+ hours depending on whether you decide to do all of the dispatch missions, they can add another 5+ hours if you didn't do them during normal play, like me).

My only complaint about the game was once you finish the areas that involve the jet and one underwater area, you cannot go back to them and I missed a trophy in one of them that I thought I would be able to go back to after I finished the game. Also, if you do get the game, the instruction on rope walking are not very good, I was tilting the controller to try and keep MySim upright but you actually need to use the nu-chuck (the joystick part) to keep your Sim upright.

Now I am working on preparing for my soon to be posted about new project, which will be added to my rotation of things I post about regularly. So most likely by next Sunday I will be back to posting normally.
Mr. McCreepy confessing his feelings for a teenager, icky. It is funny though, how sims will do that to you. At least Virgo isn't chasing after teens too.

Uranus and Christy sure get along well. I'm looking forward to seeing how William turns out when he gets older.

Good luck with the Wii game.
I think if Virgo had started chasing teens I might have given up on Romance Sims.

Michelle might get aged up for Taurus (Mr. McCreepy) just because they are at 100/50 when it comes to relationship points and no one else adult (female or male) is even close. I had originally planned on letting my Romance Sims sleep their way through all of the townies adults but I guess that will not be happening with Taurus.