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Fifth Rotation: Davis and Gindorf

We are back to Driftwood and my crazy idea of building up to 60 families of play. I am hoping they will all fit in Driftwood, but that might make the neighborhood too large so I am prepared to add on a second (and third if necessary) neighborhood when needed, but that won't be for a while.

I am on the fifth rotation, which for me, is really saying something because I am not one to stick with something for a long time (don't worry Mountainshade1, I do plan on working on the Blossoming Hearts legacy again, once I am further along in this and feel like I have a better change of playing the Sims without them all dying). This is also remarkable in that I haven't thrown out my neighborhood and restarted when I did something I considered a bad choice or things did not go the way I wanted to. I am an OCD kind of planner (you should see my Disney vacation notes, that I am working on for my upcoming Disney trip, in 2013!) and when things do not go perfectly in a game, I start over. Well, I am trying to break that habit, and I think I am doing pretty well so far.

I have also added in a small monument to Will Wright in the hopes that he will bless my game and make things go well for me.

And this is the Driftwood community as it stands thus far, five little houses, so far to go before I reach 60, and yet, I feel so accomplished so far.

Anyway, that is enough with the "go me" talk, now on to what happened this rotation. I think my Sims are trying to make me fail; not all of them mind you, just two households, the Gindorf and Yasadhara. I will explain more as I get through their pictures so first we will start with one of my more cooperative families, the Davis family.

Virgon and Marshall

I think Kaylynn is secretly hoping that if she shows she can be a good mother to Marsha, that I will let her have a child. Really, I am going to let her have a child because none of the wants she is rolling (other than have a child) are ones I want to fulfill. I don't want her to have a job because I hate the Nanny, and until she has an infant, I fear she will not roll wants for anything else.

Marshall got promoted to Science teacher, go Marshall!

Isn't it cute, even Uranus thinks Marsha and Orlando will get married some day.

Marshall wanted another skill point and since he had maxed Logic, and everything from the bookcase, I bought a mirror. I don't want to invest heavily in anything because they will be moving soon and they don't have Inventories yet!

Virgon was promoted to Resident!

Virgon rolls more wants for Kaylynn than he does for skilling. I am wondering if this has something to do with his personality; is he secretly a Family Sim?

Virgon got promoted to General Practitioner and now I cannot tell the brother apart based on their work outfits. But oh well, they will all be moving tomorrow.

Tiny Tudor 2 BR 1.5 BA, it looks like it should be in Veronaville and it holds a very small surprise.

There is actually a third, very tiny, bedroom at the back of the room on the right hand side of the screen. It is only two tiles wide and I may later still a row of tiles from the larger bedroom it is attached to, but that is wonderful it is there because I was try to figure out how I was going to split a bedroom to make one for Marshall and one for Marsha.

This is a huge downstairs compared to what I normally play. Actually, if this were my building style, the downstairs would be the entire home.

Top floor with furniture. I think I will wait until there is another child to add a row or two of tiles to Marsha's bedroom (of course, there will also be another bed in it when that happens so it is not like she is gaining much).

Bottom floor with furniture. This is the nicest furniture I have ever used in a home on my own. Since they had plenty of money after they moved, I figured it was okay to upgrade some things like the living room and dinning room.

This is the first time Virgon and Kaylynn have sat on the same bed together. Virgon has had a want to WooHoo his wife since they got married and Kaylynn as had a want for a child since they got married...

...How was that for you? And yes, she is pregnant now, this house will be filled to capacity soon.

Kaylynn showing signs of pregnancy, always hungry? The new Sim you see is our fifth rotation addition, I will tell you more about him when we get to his home.

Virgon is now a Specialist (pre-work WooHoo, always does it).

I just had to laugh at this photo.


I think the Gindorfs are trying to kill me for two reasons. One, their house crashed after two wonderful chance cards that never reappeared. Two, even with two Sims in the house, their schedules conflict so they never get to talk to each other and both of their Socials are always in the red.

This picture though is to show my cunning plan. I want them to move next rotation so the sixth Sim to be added can take over their home. I spent all of Caprica's aspiration points on Money Trees and he will be harvesting them and watering them as fast as possible. With the walls down it may be hard to tell, but there is currently no door to this room. The door that was originally there is getting moved back and forth between this room and a third door to the bathroom so I can prevent the maid or friends who come over from stilling their money. They have to make $4,236 in five days just to get in to the new house; before the game crash, they looked like they were going to make it, now, not so much.

Originally Marisa got promoted to Executive. I am thinking of kaching the house once for her and boolproping her back to that level because the crash just wasn't fair to her.

Originally Caprica got promoted to Waiter. I am thinking of kaching the house once for him and boolproping him back to that level because the crash wasn't his fault either. He actually got demoted the second time around.

This would be after the crash. The most social contact Marisa got was Virgon yelling at her for spying; its not like he didn't do enough of it on his own lot before he maxed Logic.
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