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Pleasantview: Day One - Goth

Because the Goth Family starts late in the day (6 pm) this will be a short post, but will hint some of my future plans for them. Cassandra is fairly easy to play as I have specific plans for her. Mortimer I am mainly trying to keep alive at least until Alexander is a teen so he does not get abducted by a social worker. Alexander is the hard one, while I have a pretty good idea who I want him to marry, since he doesn't have an adult aspiration yet, I am not sure what kind of life I should be pushing him towards. For now I will just be keeping track of Alexander's wants and when he ages to teen he will be assigned the aspiration most of his childhood wants and his personality reflect.

The suggested method of play as per the Prima Guide is to have Cassandra attempt to marry Don (who is conveniently on the lot) by first doing some high level romantic socials (most likely to get his aspiration meter platinum) and then use the wedding arch.  And that is all they really suggest you do.

With the Goth family, Cassandra is the only one I play the same way every time, but the below is typically how the first day goes.

Cassandra to Don: "You dirty, no good, lying, cheating, scum bag; get off my lot and don't ever come back."

Note from author: I honestly wasn't sure who would win the fight when I planned to show them fighting and my notes say to only show the winner if it was Cassandra so I was really happy about this.

Alexander to Mortimer: "Hey Dad, who was that guy?"
Mortimer to Alexander: "I don't know son, but if Cassandra doesn't like him, he must be a pretty bad person."
Alexander to Mortimer: "Do you wanna go play some chess?"
Mortimer to Alexander: "Lead the way."

Alexander runs off to the chess table.


Cassandra to Darren: "Oh Darren, you were right, Don is a man-whore. He was even WooHooing someone while I was there, in his hot tub..."

Mortimer to Alexander: "All right now, you have school tomorrow so it is time for bed."
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