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Because the Goth Family starts late in the day (6 pm) this will be a short post, but will hint some of my future plans for them. Cassandra is fairly easy to play as I have specific plans for her. Mortimer I am mainly trying to keep alive at least until Alexander is a teen so he does not get abducted by a social worker. Alexander is the hard one, while I have a pretty good idea who I want him to marry, since he doesn't have an adult aspiration yet, I am not sure what kind of life I should be pushing him towards. For now I will just be keeping track of Alexander's wants and when he ages to teen he will be assigned the aspiration most of his childhood wants and his personality reflect.

The suggested method of play as per the Prima Guide is to have Cassandra attempt to marry Don (who is conveniently on the lot) by first doing some high level romantic socials (most likely to get his aspiration meter platinum) and then use the wedding arch.  And that is all they really suggest you do.

With the Goth family, Cassandra is the only one I play the same way every time, but the below is typically how the first day goes.

Cassandra to Don: "You dirty, no good, lying, cheating, scum bag; get off my lot and don't ever come back."

Note from author: I honestly wasn't sure who would win the fight when I planned to show them fighting and my notes say to only show the winner if it was Cassandra so I was really happy about this.

Alexander to Mortimer: "Hey Dad, who was that guy?"
Mortimer to Alexander: "I don't know son, but if Cassandra doesn't like him, he must be a pretty bad person."
Alexander to Mortimer: "Do you wanna go play some chess?"
Mortimer to Alexander: "Lead the way."

Alexander runs off to the chess table.


Cassandra to Darren: "Oh Darren, you were right, Don is a man-whore. He was even WooHooing someone while I was there, in his hot tub..."

Mortimer to Alexander: "All right now, you have school tomorrow so it is time for bed."
Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned..

Little Alex seems to be enjoying the fight. Hehe.

Usually my Cassandra would go into aspiration failure before I can have her do anything. I love the little back'n'forth between Morty and Alex. That made me smile. =]
It was funny to watch the fight because Alex was jumping up and down cheering (I have several shots of that) and Mortimer was covering his face with his hands.

Since I see Mortimer and Alex and think of the lyric "Shiny happy people holding hands" I am kind of taking that approach when I play them. I have never really played them true to the Goth name and I do not let Mortimer anywhere near the Caliente duo.
i never played any of the premades according to the guide. darren and cassandra are supposed to end up together, but i had more fun torturing her by turning her into an old maid that never got any. she kept rolling the want to have a baby and i kept shutting her down.
darren moved in with mary sue pleasant after she kicked dan out of the house and when she died, he moved lucy burb in and had 3 kids with her.
I do like putting Darren and Cassandra together myself (that is my plan) although they will most likely only have one child (I don't like it when the oldest child is so much older than the youngest child and Darren is up there in age considering what he starts at when you first open the lot.)

A lot of people seem to like to "torture" Cassandra and while I feel no real love for her, I mainly have her with Darren because I feel bad for him loosing his wife to a fire.

Darren and Lucy Burb is not a combo I have heard before, but I am sure that resulted in some interesting children considering how different they look from each other.
Hm, it's a wonder if seeing his sister beat up her fiancée won't scar little Alex a bit somehow.

Sweet that you plan to put Cass and Darren together, it makes complete sense, I look forward to see that installment.

What about Mort? Will he get a bit of loving before he pops his clogs?
Mortimer usually ends up getting interested in the gardener (they have so many plants), so depending on who they get this time we may see something there. If I can get enough aspiration points to get him some Elixir of Life, he will probably drain the whole bottle and then I will feel it is worth it to get him seriously involved with someone.
This if fun!
Love how you're playing the hood here, tho I'm happy Cassandra didn't marry Don. I think if you play her house first its easier, but I personally love Cassie too much to wish her that lol

Can't wait to see what happens with Alex (The Goths are my fav. family in PV), and the other families next.

Edited at 2009-09-26 01:45 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you are enjoying the stories so far.

The biggest challenge for me with Cassandra was figuring out how to break her up with Don without having her go into aspiration failure (which is part of why I play his house first the way I do).
Yay for Cassandra winning the fight. She has always ends up with Darren when I play them.
I have seen a lot of people put her with Don, a few people put her with Darren, and then some people like to keep her single, so I find it to be a fairly mixed bag. When I read the back story on Darren and figured out that his wife died in a fire, I felt instant sympathy for him, so get pretty much gets whatever he wants and and it was obviously Cassandra.

Dirk is pretty spoiled as well by the time I am done with them.
I married Cassandra to Darren and Alexander to Lucy Burb. I made a CAS sim to try to break up Don and Cassandra, but it turned out that he ended up flirting with Marylena Hamilton at a party and alienating her that way.
From what I have read, the first two are pretty common combinations, that doesn't make them right or wrong, just means a lot of people think they make sense together.

Don flirting with Marylena Hamilton doesn't surprise me, mine, if left to his own devices flirts with everyone, especially if I force him to flirt with a male Sim early on. I just like making sure that Cassandra doesn't go into aspiration failure, I figure she has had enough things go wrong with her mother's disappearance and all that.