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And now for the second half of the forth rotation.  I am really glad I decided to play this way because I feel like I am learning a lot about how to play the game and what works best for me (that is not just skill, skill, skill.)


Day 4: I had Uranus invite Christy over.

They held hands on their own; I love them.

A kind of scary kiss

If I had Nightlife installed, I bet they would be a three-bolt couple. He did the "yeah" fist pump every time I told him to do a romantic interaction with Christy.

They fell in love and so I went ahead and had her move in. She came with $12,000 (jackpot), she is a Cancer (6/3/6/4/6) Family Sim in the Science track at the Theorist level. Her current Skills are 7/0/0/0/9/0/9.

If you couldn't tell from the last picture, I had him propose engagement. She naturally said yes.

I really do love this couple. Uranus had gone from the Sim with the worst name to the one I enjoy playing the most, which is why he gets to do everything earlier than anyone else in the game so far (Christy should have waited until Day 7 to move in).

The exercise machine broke, I have never had that happen before, I didn't even know it could break.

Christy and Uranus will be getting married after work today.

And just to show how awesome he is, Uranus also got promoted to Rookie. No pre-wedding jitters here.

And now for wedding spam

wedding spam

wedding spam (they actually wanted a wedding party so they got one)

wedding spam (I have never used the toast interaction before)

wedding spam (trying to make sure we have a good party score)

wedding spam (we ended with a "Good Times" rating which made me happy.

I got the limo, I never get the limo, then again, I never through wedding parties so that might be why.

hehehehe, like I said before, I love this couple and so they are getting everything early, including a baby.

First baby bump of the neighborhood.

Ah good, she is having pickles on her burger. Not that I would ever eat a pickle, but it seems to be something associated with pregnant women.


Now for our forth Sim of the neighborhood and his home (yes, another guy, stupid dice won't roll for a girl). This is the Bonny Bungalow 2 BR, 1.5 BA (I think I should have swapped homes with Uranus and Christy since they will need the extra room soon).

As it is in the Lot Bin.

As it is after I placed everything our new Sim will need. Note the double bed in the back bedroom, this will be important later, but not this post.

Day 1: Meet Taurus Yasadhara a Taurus Romance Sim. The last names of the Romance Sims are all authors who have written guides Romance Sims would find useful.

And we have our first Pirate Tuber.

Looking for a medical career job.

Something to amuse him while I wait for the Welcome Wagon.

Poor guy, he has not done anything yet so all he can write about is his books.

He meets the Welcome Wagon which consists of two married women and one guy.

Then he wanted a Mechanical Skill point.

Next he wanted a Charisma Skill point.

I sent him to Grabbe InnaGoe District to meet someone available, but the only people there were the cashiers. He now wants to be best friends with Michelle. What is it with my adult male Sims liking teen girl Sims. I do not have the hack that allows them to get romantic and I don't plan on getting it.

When he got home he was starving and exhausted, he nearly died on the first day.

Day 2: He wanted a stereo, I got him this because it is cute, I have never used it, and it was cheep. It only plays Christmas songs. Every time I told him to turn it off, he turned it back on and left it on even if he wasn't in the room. He can't dance to the music, I think he is trying to punish me.

He did manage to get the Medical job.

Day 3: He missed his first day of work; we will be having words later.

I have a feeling Taurus is going to be a challenge to play, but hopefully not as painful as Caprica.
Just finished reading your fourth rotation update. :)
Yay for the first baby bump of the neighborhood. You've never had a work-out bench break before? Heh, it was one of the first things to break the first time I played the sims 2 and back then I didn't realise that sims needed high mechanical skills to fix electrical stuff, so my poor sim got shocked and nearly died; I was really quite distressed at the time. :P But he survived. Oh the trials that poor sim went through.
Sweet that you finally tried out the Toast interaction, just don't do it too many times or the guests will complain of bladder distress and leave the party early.
lol, your male sims and their teen obsession, I think it's hilarious.
I have read that the Toast interaction is almost like an instant bladder failure waiting to happen which is probably why I never used it before. I figured since I am trying to use every object in the buy and they wanted a party, it was a good time to give it ago.

I remember the very first Sim I played in the Sims 2 was in a new neighborhood (even then I didn't want to mess up the Maxis made neighborhoods and didn't know how to duplicate them yet). He was Romance (because I hadn't read the guide yet) and he married the maid (probably Kaylynn). They had twins on the very first pregnancy in game. She nearly died, and he spent all of his time mop dancing. I am not even sure if the twins made it to toddlerhood or not because I ended up deleting the neighborhood, reading the guide, and starting over. I am just glad I had that experience before making the me and Kevin Sims we would eventually play together over the phone for a couple of days because I am sure I would have started crying if my Simself or his had died due to my horrible playing.
Curious your first sim baby(ies) were twins, that is exactly what happened to my first sim, and they (he married Jan Tellerman) really really struggled, or should I say; I really really struggled. Later on in life he rolled the want to flirt with one of the women he brought home with him from work and I got such a fright when Jan came over and slapped him. Seriously, I thought my game had broken. Mind you, he deserved that slap for rolling a want like that when he already had a lovely wife.
Christy is the first townie sim I ever get married in to a household. Hard to imagine that was over 2 years ago now, and I am still playing this game very regularly. I sure can't say that about any other computer game I've ever played.

Sounds like Taurus really loves Christmas music. I don't know why but I suddenly found that quite funny.
It is funny how the townies work out, because in my Blossoming Hearts legacy on My Sims page at thesims2.ea.com Christy was kind of all over the place at first. If I remember correctly the townies point spreads are not the same every time they are generated, just the sign and the aspiration.

I have played Maxis games since Sim City came out on the 5" floppy disks I think we were using in a mac so it has been a while. While I do have times when I don't play, generally I am not playing anything during those times. I am a big fan of open based game play because rigged story lines and I don't generally do well (although I did get into Kingdom Hearts for a little while).

I think Taurus is trying to punish me for getting the cheap stereo with only one channel that he can't dance to instead of the other cheap stereo that would allow him to get some enjoyment out of it. But it might be fun to play it like he is just really into Christmas music, would give me an excuse to use the only objects in the Holiday ep.
Teen girl obssesions and Christmas carols on repeat..
This entry really cheered me up =P
I want that li'l stereo now. (My laptop wont let me install "Happy Holiday's" for some unknown reason =|)

Missed his first day? *tsk tsk* lol
I dunno why, but Christy is a wee bit stalker-ish in my game. She wont leave one of my married sims alone!
I'm glad my entry cheered someone up :-)

It is kind of my fault that Taurus missed work, I was trying to let him sleep until 20 minutes before his start time and I didn't realize it was going to take so long for him to get up and out the door.

That may be because Christy is a Family Sim and her "biological clock" is going off.