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So we have come to the forth rotation and I have run out of cheap homes when the forth house is filled.

I am slowly adding decorations to Driftwood (name of the template, name of the town) when I decide there is no way a lot would ever be obstructed if a decoration was placed there and I thought it made sense for the area.  The four water tanks represent the four families currently living in Driftwood (because everything has to have a hidden meaning in my games, even if I don't know what it is.)

Virgon and Marshall

Day 10: Virgon accidentally missed a day of work so I had him skill build.

Marshall got promoted to Project Leader and he has now earned $5,000 on his own.

Day 11 (1:45 am): Virgon maxed Mechanical...

... and then Marshall maxed Cleaning.

Kaylynn accepted Virgon's "Charm" and we have a mutual crush.

Aren't they cute :-) Kaylynn agreed to move in with $1000 (kaching). She is an Aquarius (5/0/7/4/6) Family Sim with Skills of 10/5/10/3/6/6/10 (I love Service Sims)

Has anyone figured out why some Sims like to do the "talk through" interaction with the stuffed bears?

Day 12: I am leaving Kaylynn on free will because I am not really sure what to do with her yet. Seems she is a telescope spier...

... and apparently she spied on Caprica like everyone else.

Unlike everyone else, it made her cry that someone was mad at her.

Our replacement maid is the very manish looking Opal Ryan.

Opal is not very nice.

Opal to Kaylynn: "Get out of my way !$#@&!"

She will not be moving in with anyone unless she gets an attitude adjustment.

Marshall got demoted to Field Researcher because of a bad chance card. I thought morals was usually the best way to go with those.

Virgon has been promoted to Intern and he has also earned $5000

I decided to go ahead and have Virgon propose to Kaylynn since everyone was in a good mood.

As expected, she said yes.

I love it when they do that.

They get married the same day since someone had a fear of having a party (Kaylynn is really shy).

But they had three friends over at the house anyway so it ended up looking like a party.

Future teen couple, maybe, we will see what they think of each other when Marsha grows up.

They ran out of food right after the wedding so I had Kaylynn go to Grabbe InnaGoe to pick up some.

I would just like to state that she and Virgon have not WooHooed yet.

Marshall Maxed Mechanical at the dinner table.

With four Sims in a 2 BR, 1 BA house with no actual living room space, they have outgrown their home. When I play the next round, since the last day will fall on a Monday, they will be moving out Monday morning and into a new Maxis made home I have already checked to make sure they have enough money for. The fifth Sim to be added to the neighborhood will then be moved into their old home.


Day 7: I decided to allow Caprica to hire the maid since he has had that want in his panel for one Sim Week without being locked.

He got Opal :-(

He missed work so I had him call Marissa, who was finally home, and invited her over. She accepted his "Charm" and one "Sweet talk" later we have a crush. I managed to get her to "Stay the night," she spent the whole night eating chips on the couch while he slept in bed.

Day 8: He got promoted to Host

Day 9: I invited Marisa back over and she brought Kennedy with her; I don't think he gets out very much.

She agreed to move in, which I did mainly to keep his Social from being in the red all day long every day. She had $2000 (boo) and is a Gemini (4/7/8/3/3) Fortune Sim with a career in the Business track as a Junior Executive. Skills are 0/0/2/0/0/1/0 and they are finally now in love.

I have to say that Caprica is a pain to play.  I am hoping with Marisa living there now things will get better but there it is not a sure thing.

I didn't know that service sims had so many skills. The only service sim I had ever moved in/married was a firefighter and he had 0 skills. Which is probably why I never again used service sims. I suppose it may then just depend on the service work they have which would determine what skills they have.

Marisa ate chips on the couch all night? She must have been really bored. Not many fun objects in that house I suppose.
For some reason the maids and mail carriers always have a lot. I think the delivery Sims were also fairly skilled up. I remember when I sent NPC teens to college when University came out, the newpaper and store npcs all had loads of skills and never really had to study. I don't know about Fire and Police as I rarely see them and they rarely stick around long enough to get on the phone list.

Yes, Caprica's home is dullsville, he only has a bookcase and easel for fun right now.