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Welcome to the third and last Sim of the third rotation.  This is our new Sim for the rotation and other than having a really unfortunate first name, he is also a Family Sim and nicer than the other Sims currently living in the neighborhood.

Our newest Sim was added to the neighborhood at the beginning of the rotation, and was moved into Town House 1 BR 1 BA. If this home looks familiar, it is the residence of Delilah O'Feefe in Académie Le Tour.

Picture of the upstairs as is.

Picture of downstairs as is.

Since our new Sim did not roll the wants for any objects, although did roll the want for a Cooking Skill point, I added the "needed" items to get him started.

The bathroom had two doors leading into it, not sure why so I removed one which allowed the bed to be placed on the center wall.

Day 1: And here is our new Sim, Uranus Stuart. Maybe naming the Sims of Family Aspirations after their ruling planets was a bad idea, I am already coming up with loads of jokes this Sim would have heard in school and I am the creator. Anyway, here he is learning about Cooking since that is what he rolled the want for. He is a Family Sim as stated and is an Aquarius. He will be getting the Athletic job as soon as it comes up in the paper.

No Athletic job today, maybe tomorrow.

I had Uranus greet the Welcome Wagon since it had Christy in it and he is a Family Sim; hopefully they will get along well.

Unfortunately Caprica decided he wanted to talk to Christy.

Fortunately Christy stayed to talk to Uranus outside. Based on the thought bubble we may be in luck.

Much later in the day: Yes, she accepted the flirt Uranus did.

Uranus, that may be jumping the gun, just a bit.

The crush is for Christy, not Caprica.

I am glad Christy returned the crush. That was a very productive day.

Day 2: Uranus got his athletics job.

And I bought him the exercise machine since he needed a body point for the first day of work.

Running to the first carpool.

And he got a promotion.

Day 3: And it is his second day of work. He still needed another body point so he didn't get a promotion, but since he went in a Platinum mood it won't take long once the second body point is earned.
Hehehehe Uranus, never gets old. :D

But his unfortunate name doesn't seem to make him luckless, indeed he sees to get on really well.
I was surprised how quickly he found his future mate. I believe Christy is Family as well so that may have helped, but he still had to get the relationship up with Chatting so they must have more in common than just Aspiration.