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Tumblr for Sims stuff now

I started using tumblr to post pictures for Sims related stuff as it is easier for me, but then the computer I was using for Sims related stuff had to go offline, so now there are no pictures, but I am still using the tumblr so I thought I would link it here since until recently I has completely forgotten about livejournal when I had switched to using a tablet and did not have an easy way to bring all my links over. My laptop died a horrible death and there is no recovery. So I now have a desktop, but to be able to play The Sims, it cannot be updated to Windows 10, so it is now permanently offline because it also means I cannot allow any updates from Windows, and really, for playing Sims games I have never needed to be online.

I am not sure that paragraph really made sense.

taking it one simday at a time

I am currently playing The Sims again, Double Deluxe version, with a few official downloads from when The Sims site was still working. If anything unusual happens in game I probably will try to take a picture of it with the tablet pointed at the desktop, but most posts will have no pictures as transferring pictures from the desktop to the tablet is a little more complicated than I would have thought and so far have not really found a way to do that that does not involve a second computer and email happening, plus my brain is still doing regular migraines and fogging so it tends to make things more complicated than it should be.
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Why must I be awake at 2 am?

I have a fear of spiders, it is not a secret, I cannot stand them and when I was younger I had a reoccurring nightmare about one on my arm and in the dream I could not move because I was so scare of the spider.

Now in waking time I am not actually that scared of the spiders, I can kill them on my own and thanks to my husband's influence, I can even catch them in a jar we have set aside for catching spiders because Kevin wouldn't kill any insects if he didn't have to; seriously, he feels bad every time he accidentally kills one while trying to catch it.  I have told him in no uncertain terms that if he comes across a black widow spider he is to kill it, not catch it, because I do not want him messing with something that dangerous for any longer than he has to.  Fortunately so far we have not seen one and I hope we never come across one because that probably would send me into a blind panic.

Anyway, now as to why I am awake at 2 am.  If I see a spider at night, I will kill it or catch it and it takes about an hour for me to wind down and then I can go to sleep.  If I see a second spider before I have completely wound back down, I can kill it, but I cannot go to sleep until the sun comes up.  Unfortunately I have now seen two spiders in about five minutes, the second one being much larger than the first one and so I am up for the night.  Going to try and do some Sims playing provided I can pay attention to the screen long enough to do anything as I now keep looking at the walls for signs of another spider.

If you are interested in following along on my Sims 3 playing I am now using the memories system to post to the sims 3 site so you can follow my page at the link below; it is a lot easier for me to actually post anything doing it this way:

Because my brain is so wired on the whole looking for spider thing I am not sure how long I will be able to play, this may required really silly anime to distract me from thinking about spiders, but I want to play and since I am up and my brain isn't screaming at me right now, might as well.

4:30 am update:

I was thinking I am tired enough to sleep physically, just not mentally because of the spider thing, but I thought I would try.  What should I find sitting on the wall above the bedroom door, another spider.  I will say I don't normally see this many spiders in a whole month unless it is really hot outside and then all of the insects are trying to get in but it is not that hot right now so I am perplexed by the sudden increase.

The only good thing about this, Poofy is getting a lot of attention tonight.  We have two cats, Poofy, the up all night, sleep all day cat, and Edmon, the up all day, sleep all night cat.  There is a little over lap in the evening, but once midnight hits, Edmon is usually in bed until 8 am while Poofy spends the night watching for any movement on the patio and scaring the daylights out of me when he bangs on the glass door sounding like he is about to go through it.  We do try to make sure he gets plenty of attention in the evening and first thing in the morning since we rarely see him during the day, but when I have late nights either because of the migraines throwing off my sleep cycle or the spiders making it so I cannot sleep, he always seems extra happy because he gets all of the attention, all night.

I just hope I don't see another spider as the sun comes up because I really would like to sleep some time today.
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Sims 3 attempt # I lost count

Kevin upgraded the RAM in my mac laptop and so I am trying The Sims 3 again, which hasn't worked for more than a couple of game play sessions, for the last several months, possibly over a year.  I have only played for the few minutes with the base game only and unpatched because so far that is the only version of the game I am sure worked when the laptop was new, and I want to make sure it still works with the updated operating system Kevin did a while ago when YouTube stopped working, before I patch it, if I decide to patch it.

Not sure how much sharing is going to be going on, or for that matter, how much playing, as I have spent the last three days in my bedroom, darkened down as much as we can get it, only really able to go into the other parts of the house once the sun goes down thanks to endless light induced migraines.  But hopefully I will be able to play during the short window of time after I wake that I usually have minimal head pain for about 30 minutes to an hour if I am lucky.  At this point I don't care if I can only play the base game, I just want to be able to play.

Head pain is spiking, will try to update after a while if it does appear to finally be working.
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February 27, 2013: Post about Hot Chocolate

So I decided to make hot chocolate, from a packet, because I was cold even thought it is 65 degrees here and I wanted something warm and right now my body has decided that liquids are really the only thing it is going to agree to keeping down (and not all of those).  Kevin has been helping me slowly build up my food consumption and probably will be for the next several weeks while we try to remind my digestive system that food is actually a very important thing and I should be having it regularly to stay alive.

Now for the reason I am cold, we are about 90% Raw Vegan with the 10% being the times when I crack and have to eat something cooked to stay sane which happens about once or twice a week, but we have actually been doing pretty good and I love having a different melon for breakfast everyday, when I was able to keep them down.  The only draw back to extremely healthy eating is you tend to feel cold more easily, on the plus side it does make you much more resistant to when it is hot and it is hot much longer here than it is cold and with global warming I figure this is just prepping for the future so yeah for long term planning.  We are also trying to make me healthier so that maybe my body won't hurt so much, all of the time, seems fibromyalgia is one of the things raw vegan diets are good for and since even the doctors at one of the best hospitals in the country can't seem to help me, this is pretty much our only other option.

So I took out the packet of swiss miss, looked at the directions, didn't understand them, put the mix in the cup, and added water.  I realized after I added water, from a glass water bottle we have been refilling with filtered water because I can now totally taste plastic, that I had added more than I probably needed, so I had added a second packet. Then stirred for what seemed like several minutes but was probably only a few seconds and realized the chocolate was not dissolving like it was supposed to so I decided maybe it needed to be warm water.  So I heated the cup in the microwave for a minute, stirred again and it totally dissolved like it was supposed to be.  Then I heated it up again for another minute because it was totally not hot during that first sip and finally I was blessed with perfect hot chocolate.  This is probably the most complicated thing I have made for myself in months if not over a year.

I will state that I have no idea why I can't read a very short set of directions on a box, but I can totally type this right now, then again, I am also not proof reading this because when I try the words start blurring so I am just as confused as you are.  Hopefully this comes out the way it was in my head when I thought to share.

Anyone wondering why the blog has been so quiet for over a month, I think, pain, lots of pain, and very little ability to remember things that have happened and problems with reading my own hand written notes about them later.  It will probably continue to be quiet for a while, just know that I am going to be okay, these long term flareup like to happen, but they do eventually go back to the more everyday, but not the whole day pattern, eventually.
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January 15, 2013

Short post today because it is very bright outside and I need to keep the curtains open for solar heating my home.

I think the desktop may finally have been shorted out.  The blue screen I was getting had to do with a driver being out of date so all of them were updated.  Then windows media player decided that it was the default player for SimCity 3000 when I went in to test it so I had to uninstall SimCity 3000 and tell the computer to not auto run anything, and then reinstall SimCity 3000; so far that seems to have fixed all remaining problems.

I played a test city while trying to make sure everything is working and I am terrible at this game; I do not seem to be able to get out of the red at all.  I am still trying to figure out my list of goals for the game since I am realizing how bad I am at this, but hopefully by next Tuesday, once I finish the Prima guide and have a better idea what I am doing wrong, I will be able to post something.

Did test the Maybelline BB cream, review is in the process of being written up.

January 8, 2013

I'm going to be trying to post once a week, could be on makeup, SimCity/Sims stuff, or just whatever pops in my head, but I am trying to be more consistent with the posting.

For today's post, Computer is still crashing to the blue screen if it is on for more than a few minutes.  I thought I had figured it out with changing the compatibility mode on the SimCity 3000, but then it crashed in the current version of PowerPoint.  I am not going to post my plans for SimCity 3000 play until I know the computer is going to be fixed, so hopefully next week as Thursday/Friday Kevin is going  to be on the phone with the company he bought it from because it has a three year warranty and a life time tech support warranty.

Makeup wise, my e.l.f. eyeshadow primer may have actually stopped working, but then again I have had it for over six months and these kinds of products do dry out.  All I know is when I tried some other eyeshadows they all creased and oddly it seemed to start happening on January 1st.  Currently testing it with an eyeshadow that I didn't have a creasing problem on before so that I know if it is really the primer or just the new eyeshadow is not that good.  Hoping it is just the primer has dried out because one of the eyeshadows I had a problem with was from Cover Girl (bought at the dollar store, but still, that is supposed to be decent makeup).  I also have a Maybelline BB Cream sample to test and review but that will have to wait for a day when I know my head is going to last the whole day, so may be a while, but I am specifically waiting to be able to review that since I said I would when I requested it.

Still working on my paper cranes, although because of hand pain I generally only manage two a day when I remember, which sadly is not that often.  Speaking of pain my arms are starting to feel sharp stabby pain so this is going to end before I intended, but just know that I am still certain that I will get past whatever is causing the migraines and other pains that I have been dealing, just not happening as quickly as I would have liked.
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Updated daily makeup

This post is being written over the course of whatever moments of time I can actually stand the screen to type so if this skips parts please accept my apologies, I tried to prevent that if possible.

Not too long ago I posted about the original makeup kit Kevin got me the day after Christmas two years ago and I have probably mentioned my love/frustration relationship with it. The overriding emotion is one of I love it, because it is makeup and I think it cost $5 on clearance at Wal-Mart so I felt okay with using it, much more so than the very limited amount of makeup that I unearthed from my original collection of things I had before meeting Kevin. You see, for me the more expensive something is the less likely I am to use it because I know it is not likely to be replaced, at least not easily; Kevin has since given me a makeup allowance so I will be able to plan out what new things I would like and will also allow me to set some aside for replacing what I have used up that I feel is worth replacing (most likely it will all be new stuff because most of the stuff comes from the Dollar store and probably will never be found again).

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Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 part 4: Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control

This was supposed to be a two product review but we forgot to use the last thing this past weekend (Kevin has Thursday and Friday's off) so I decided to go ahead and get this up before I forgot how it worked.

So the purpose of Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream is to help with keeping your hair from getting frizzy.  This time both Kevin and I used the product because he occasionally complains that his hair is frizzy and mine is just barely long enough to show frizz (1 1/2 inches, measured that morning).  So we both started the day with a shower, toweled dried hair as much as it would and then both took a pea sized amount of the Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream and then our paths of how it was used diverged.

My use: I rubbed my hands together and then as vigorously as I could, rubbed the product into my hair trying to get it as evenly spread as possible.  My hair was left to air dry and over the course of the day I checked for frizz and greasy looking hair, I saw neither so I considered it a success.  If you have longer hair you may need to use a little more, but I would avoid using much more to begin with until you have slowly figured out what is the right amount because as Kevin found, if not used correctly, not as desirable in its results.

My husband: May have rubbed his hands together, but then he just rubbed the product over the top of his head (the only thing Kevin ever uses on his hair besides Shampoo is hair spray and while I told him how to apply it, I don't think he realized just how much you needed to work it in).  Later in the day I asked how it was going and he said it was stiff and like hair spray because he could feel where it was on his hair.  I told him I didn't have that problem and he admitted he probably hadn't put on his hair correctly.

Lesson of the story, you really do need to rub it in well, maybe even take a comb or brush and work it in that way before it dries because if you don't get it fully rubbed in, it will look like you sprayed too much hair spray on your head.

Also should mention this has a very strong smell of coconut, which didn't surprise me given the description on the bottle saying it was infused with coconut, so if you don't like that smell you might want to skip it.  If you don't know what coconut smells like, go down the suntan lotion isle at your local drugstore and take a large whiff of the air, generally speaking that is the smell I associate with coconut and is exactly what this smelled like.  Once it was in my hair I didn't smell it, but my hair is too short to come anywhere near my nose so I can't speak to how much the sent actually stays in the hair.

Would I buy this?  Well, I do plan to continue using the product, once my hair is longer and shows frizz more.  If I cannot find a conditioner that combats the frizz my hair shows once it is long enough to really show it and I have run out of my sample and I can find it in a local store, yes, I would buy it; $6 for a 4oz bottle doesn't sound like a bad price to me, and you don't need a lot to keep the frizz at bay.  And yes, I know that last sentence is very poorly structured but I seriously cannot think of how to write it so it makes more sense.

Just a note about what is left of the Influenster Beauty Box reviews: There will not be a full review of the Bath & Body Works candle because I am allergic to them and I gave it to Kevin parents. They did say they liked it and it was a lighter scent than they expected, but it was nice.  The Goody Spin Pin won't be used until my hair is much longer so probably not for a couple of years.  I really want to use this and for it to work because I have frequently put my hair in a bun when my hair was much longer and had to use a full package of Bobby Pins to keep it up, only to find that half had fallen out over the course of the day and never to be seen again.  The EBoost drink may be reviewed by Kevin because I am super picky on tastes of food and I don't actually like the ways oranges tastes so this has to be done on a day when Kevin is home so that if I can't drink it, he can.  I didn't get either of the other two products listed on the card so obviously, no review will be done for those.

May have to take a computer break again...

After the next two reviews, which I will try and do in one post, the blog may be quiet for a while.  I have been having an increasingly hard time with the keyboard and track pad on the laptop and the mouse on the desktop and my upper limit of screen time before headache is decreasing.  I have been trying to ignore it, but the eyeshadow reviewing made it painfully obvious while I was in the process of actually doing the review and typing it why I still couldn't hold a regular job even if it had very lacks schedule and requirements.  Most days I have to have an eye mask on for at least a couple hours frequently more than one during the day and with it getting colder and so the curtains have to be open to help keep the house warm, this is probably going to only increase at least until it starts warming up again.  I'm hoping to do the review of the last thing I have yet to use on Kevin's next day off and between now and then I will be trying to type the one we have already tried but I haven't posted about.  

What makes me kind of sad about this is I have a whole list of things I wanted to post about but I don't feel like I can as everything takes so long to type and then check and then correct.  I do have a list of what to accomplish for the SimCity 3000 play, I haven't even begun to try and type it because I have only gotten 30 to 40 pages into the guide and I have been trying to read it a little every day since I started working on that to give you an idea of how hard reading can be for my head.  Hopefully after a break I will be able to try and slowly build up again, but for now the computer screen causes more pain than it does me good.

Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 part 3: NYC Individual Eyes in Dark Shadows

There are three main parts to this post, the swatches and the review of the eyeshadow and then a bonus review at the end. The swatches of the eye shadow come first because they are the part I did first and this is being typed as I do this review so that I am not spending a week trying figure out my notes later. My apologies if this makes the information at all confusing.

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