This may not be the most well typed post, but I really felt like sharing it now instead of later because I tend to forget (I had to copy the date to spell the month becase I could not red the letters). Yeah for posts with lots of read lines. Limited text because I can barely read what I am typing.

So this is my daily use makeup drawer, there are others, they are things i will gt to as I use this up. Some closeup of color specific things below.

on the bottem row, chapstick, green tent primer, cream highlight/concealer/yellow corrector, foundation, bronzer, highlight.
next roow, four lipsticks and depotted setting powder
Top roow, eyeshadow base, black eyeliner, brow gel (basically clear mascara, don't actually yse it), black mascara, lip primer, and makeup kit I have mentioned in past posts somehwere.




Setting Powder

Lipstick colors up close

Eye brow powder

Cream eyeshadow

The lipsticks above came form the kit. Large hearts are blush, top two rows small heart lipstisk/lip gloss, bottom two rows small hearts eyeshadwo.

Will try to talk more about how I use in later posts if I remember.