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Last week's polish lasted through my birthday and then when I woke up on Friday several of the nails were chipped which was strange because all I had done was sleep. But that is okay, Saturday is redo nails day for me and this was a combination I had planned to do last week, but then smudged before I decided to do the gold with gold glitter.

When I do my nails I usually end up doing the same combination two or three times before I manage to get them to dry without smudging and this one only took two attempts so I was happy with that because it does make for running low on polish occur more quickly.

The pink is actually from a kit that wasn't primarily nail stuff and I had already tossed a red from the same kit because it clumped and was streaky and hard to apply. But the pink is holding up pretty well and the other two colors when I tested them seem to hold up well and considering it wasn't a nail kit was pretty good.  I don't have another pink like it so I do hope to find another one eventually, it is very pearly and the two I have besides this is a dusty pink and a hot pink.

On my toes I have a silver polish with the same glitter and star glitter polish, but I am even worse with my toes so I am not taking pictures of those.

Well, I have stabby head pain right now so I will close this out, hope you enjoyed.
Hope that you had a wonderful birthday.

I like your nail varnish with the stars over the pink and I also really liked the multi-coloured nails that you had a few weeks ago.

Hope your head feels better soon.
Thank you, while it wasn't the birthday we had planned (Kevin's car died and we had to scramble to get a new one so he could go to work the next day), I still got to spend the whole day with Kevin and that made me very happy.

I've been having fun figuring out different combinations for the polish; I'm glad you are enjoying it.

What a shame about the timing of the car but good that you were able to car hunt together and spend the day together.

I do enjoy seeing how you're painting your nails. I paint mine so rarely these days... though, coincidentally, did try a free nail polish about a month ago. It was meant to be magnetic and came with a magnetic board to make patterns. It didn't work though OR, most likely, I did it wrong, lol.

I also like that this is something you're enjoying doing and can easily see and smile at the results. Along with the birds that visit outside your window, I'm glad it brings pleasure to your days, especially those days when you don't feel so good.

Best wishes to you.
I have seen some magnetic polishes and they look interesting, but I haven't gotten one yet, primarily because of how many times I have to reapply and they are kind of pricey for not knowing if I am even going to be able to put them on correctly. So far the cheapest one I have seen, and the one we would be most likely to get, is from Wet N Wild because of all the ones I have seen, it was the cheapest at $5, but that is a high priced polish from them because the one chrome I have is $4 and everything else is $3 (bought at buy 1 get 1 so really they were $1.50) or $1. I have heard the magnetics can be tricky to apply so don't feel too bad about it not working, it seems a lot of people struggle with it initially.

It is amazing what, seemingly simple things, can bring us joy and brighten our moods. It is very easy to take things for-granted when you aren't limited in what you can do, but once those things are taken away, what you do have becomes that much more important. I would like to think that I never took anything for-granted, and to some extent I do think I appreciated things more than say, the average person would (just ask Kevin or my parents how easy it is to get me excited about almost anything), but I am sure there are things that I could have appreciated more now that they are harder, or not possible, to do. But I really do appreciate the things I have found that I can do because it was getting pretty boring some days there when there was basically nothing I could do for the whole day other than stare at the wall because the light from outside was too bright. I'm not always co-ordinated enough to put on the makeup, but I can always look at it.

Sorry for the over long comment, I tend to ramble at every opportunity.
I've noticed that in you before, in previous posts, your tendency to take joy when and where you can. I really applaud it and try to take inspiration from it.

The magnetic polish I got was a freebie attached to a magazine, so it wasn't expensive. I may give it another try and see if I can do it.

No need to apologise, I ramble too :) Like now because I want to tell you that my favourite nail polish ever was one that I had when I was a teenager. The colour was called 'cobweb' and it was very pale with a gorgeous subtle irridescence, like mother of pearl or maybe opal. I loved looking at how the colours changed when the light hit it. I liked how drab it looked until the light hit it at the right angle and it sparkled into colour.

Hmm, now I'm tempted to see if I can spot anything like it available now.

Sorry, see, I ramble too.
Thank you for your very kind comment :-)

That nail polish you liked sounds really pretty, I hope you are able to find it or something like it.

If you give the magnetic polish another go, you might want to watch some of the YouTube tutorials on applying them, because there does seem to be a method to making it work. There was one I watched a while ago when I first heard about them that I thought was good, but now I can't find it because when I like a video I tend to just hit subscribe instead of also liking the specific video, but if I do find it again I will send you the link. It isn't that the others I found today when I went looking for it are bad, I just really like the way the person I watched explained everything because it was very step-by-step and logical.
I have to admit I was curious and did go looking. It looks like the magnets on the bought bottles were better than what I had. I just had a flat piece of plastic and couldn't really hold it steady over my finger, no ridge on my plastic magnet at all.

They do look very nice, done properly, though. I'm not sure I'll buy some proper stuff though as it seems very expensive.

I like this window in the nail polish world that you've opened, I saw some interesting blogs and some really pretty nail polishes. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with your fingernails, if you decide to share :)

Edited at 2012-08-05 11:09 pm (UTC)
Those are really pretty. Also happy birthday! :D
Thank you and thank you again :-)